Drone Security & Surveillance Solution for Full Autonomy

Fully Autonomous Software Platform for Drone Security Operations. Built for Security Solution Providers and System Integrators.
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Drone Agnostic Software Solution
Built for Mobility, Scalability, and Automation

Remote Fleet Management
Plan & Schedule Patrols
Real-time Live Video Feed
Artificial Intelligence

While drone operations are the desired shift from traditional methods in the security industry, most of it involves single and manually operated drones. The available solutions lack critical features and software capabilities to successfully deploy and scale drone operations. An ideal drone security and surveillance solution aimed at achieving effective ROI need 24×7 mobility, scalability, automation, and fleet management capabilities to deploy more than one drone, resulting in better coverage of area aided by live video stream, routine patrols, and AI detection capabilities.

FlytSecurity software gives you the required features and flexibility to deploy and scale your drone security operations for the much required autonomous functioning and connectivity, ultimately translating into a best in class ROI.

drone security and surveillance

Remote Site Monitoring with Fleet Management

Execute timely patrols with not one but a fleet of connected drones while managing them remotely for better 24/7 coverage of the area under observation. Connected to the cloud over 4G/LTE or a local network, you get real-time remote control with live mission updates, drone diagnostics and more importantly instant distress alarm on detection of anomalies, threats, and boundary trespassing. 

Live Video Feed

Get video streams from the fleet of drones to the base station at a remote location in high quality with minimal latency. Equipped with support for multiple cameras such as thermal and night vision, keep a bird’s eye view on the ground even in darker environments.

drone mission planner

Mission Planner and Scheduler

Plan and schedule routine patrol missions for automated deployment and operation. Split the mission into multiple drones for a better coverage of a large area, and for emergency response situations, when help and surveillance might be required at multiple locations at once.

Data Logs and Analytics

Access and filter previous flight and video data from the logs section of the dashboard, which is structured and divided into mission types, dates and flight times along with geometrical locations marked on the map and geotagged images for easier tracking and post-flight analysis.

Hardware compatibility

FlytSecurity is a drone agnostic software platform, compatible with all kinds of hardware such as DJI, Ardupilot, and PX4 based drones. Likewise, the wide compatibility extends to an extensive range of cameras and other payloads as well.

Easy deployment

Having a fully autonomous and drone agnostic system gives you next level deployment capabilities. With a simple click of a button on a web-based dashboard, deploy a fleet of drones to execute a pre-planned patrol or an emergency response mission to support the first responder teams.

AI-based Object Detection

Detect, track and follow suspicious objects or people during flights with the help of AI detection and machine vision, and get push notification alerts on detection of threats and anomalies. Analyse post flight video and data with the help of AI features.

Reduce Time to Market, Save Cost and Deploy Drones Faster

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